Our world is large and beautiful, intricate and magnificent. This complexity can also be disturbing and even devastating. We are born in one small place of it, growing up and learning to comprehend it, objectivate it. But it is always subjective: our perception of life is constantly changing – depending on people we communicate with, society we live in, information we know about and even mood we have today. The choices we made, whether conscious or accidental, create this temporal sense of stability.

In this virtual reality you find yourself in a space of numerous spheres, each consisting of different sounds, colors and creatures. You can stay as much as you want or you can move into another sphere. The path is determined only by your choice. But you can never go back or break out of the sphere. Your last point will be the starting point for the next person to enter.

All the objects, sounds and textures used in the work are from open source sites. Spheres have a cubemap material, a special type of texture used in computer graphics. The environment is projected onto six faces of the cube and stored; then it could be applied to a spherical model and when you are inside you have the illusion of being in infinite open space. Work in progress.

2019 – 2021 | interactive VR, volumetric collage